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Как нас найти: 125009, г.Москва, ул. Б.Дмитровка, дом 9, стр.1, 2 этаж
Метро: Охотный Ряд, Театральная
Тел/Факс: +7(495) 925-3777, +7(925) 545-6806
E-mail: service@wordsmiths.ru

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+7(495) 925-3777, +7(925) 545-6806

E-mail: service@wordsmiths.ru

Written translation

Our bureau offers translation services for written texts of any complexity, with the use of specific terminology and nonstandard vocabulary.

Subjects of translation:technical texts, including construction, gas pipelines, electricity, energy resources, geology, fire safety, business, human resources management, tourism, marketing, advertising, finance, law, telecommunications, information technology, medicine, chemistry, oil and gas and other fields of science and technology.

At your request, a written translation into English may be prepared by a native speaker, in other words by a person for whom the target language of translation is his or her native language. This option allows for full stylistic accuracy of the translated text, and we recommend that you always use this service to translate texts addressed to a broad audience: texts of publicity leaflets, websites, presentations, international press releases and publications, etc.