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Метро: Охотный Ряд, Театральная
Тел/Факс: +7(495) 925-3777, +7(925) 545-6806
E-mail: service@wordsmiths.ru

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+7(495) 925-3777, +7(925) 545-6806

E-mail: service@wordsmiths.ru


Interview with Valentina Pilyugina

The literal translation of the name of the translation agency Wordsmiths Communications (eng.: word, smiths and communications) in Russian literary interpretation is “smiths of words”, but more a accurate meaning “masters of words supporting communication”. Wordsmiths Company LLC was founded in 1994, and it was one of the first companies in Russia to offer translations of any texts, including highly specialized business, legal, financial, medical and technical document into and from nearly all the languages of the world. This year, the Company is celebrating its age of majority. The company’s general director, Valentina Pilyugina, was interviewed by Elena Morgolina from the Business Publishing House in Moscow.

Author of the article Elena Morgolina