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+7(495) 925-3777, +7(925) 545-6806

E-mail: service@wordsmiths.ru

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Information for clients


1. What is “one translation page”?

A standard translation page is 1800 characters, including spaces, or 250 words (Times New Roman font, print size 12).

2. Which work determines the cost of translation?

The standard cost of translation includes the following list of work performed:

  • translation of the text;
  • verification of the text by an editor and proofreader;
  • simple formatting of the text.

Keep in mind that there are other parameters that may affect the final cost of a page:

  • complexity of the translated text;
  • increased urgency of the order;
  • make-up work;
  • editing, etc.

There are also additional services:

  • notarized confirmation of the translator's signature;
  • apostille;
  • courier services, etc.

These services are paid for separately.

3. What is an apostille and why does it is necessary?

An apostille is a special stamp that certifies official documents of organizations, establishments and enterprises of the Russian Federation, which has been a participant in the Hague Convention since May 31, 1992. The apostille of the documents does not need any additional confirmation and certification; it is valid in all  countries participating in the convention. As a rule, apostilization takes from 5 to 10 working days. The apostille is not put on the documents of  business correspondence, banking documents (certificates, accounts, information about calculations), or customs and business documents.

4. We want to work with you; how can we ensure the appropriate translation quality?

The quality of our services is confirmed by the Company’s extensive experience, and by our customers’ recommendations. If the volume of your order is more than 50 pages, we can do a test translation free of charge. In this case, when the working group is formed, every translator presents his orher test translation.

5. Does your Company translate personal documents?

Our possibilities are not limited to working with corporate customers. The wide range of  services we offer also includes work with individuals. We can not only prepare translations of personal documents, but if necessary, we can help with legalization and apostilization.