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Как нас найти: 125009, г.Москва, ул. Б.Дмитровка, дом 9, стр.1, 2 этаж
Метро: Охотный Ряд, Театральная
Тел/Факс: +7(495) 925-3777, +7(925) 545-6806
E-mail: service@wordsmiths.ru

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Individual approach

to every client

+7(495) 925-3777, +7(925) 545-6806

E-mail: service@wordsmiths.ru


Wordsmiths offers the full range of language translation services, from specialized translation of documents, notarized translation of documents, interpretation and simultaneous interpretation. We work with all the languages of the world: English, German, French, Japanese and others.

Our Company strives for mutually beneficial cooperation with corporate customers and is ready to offer major customers a whole range of advantages:

  1. Individual approach to every order.
  2. Flexible discount system.
  3. Highly specialized translators, which provides the most accurate transfer of the sense of a translation and maintains stylistics and terminology. Depending on the subject, every job is given to a specialist with the appropriate experience and qualifications.
  4. Archives of GOSTs and SNiPs translated into English. We have already completed a number of large-scale projects for translation of GOSTs, SNiPs and other regulatory documents. We are continuing to translate projects related to GOSTs, SNiPs and other regulatory documents.

We have had projects from Norway, America, Germany, England and Italy, and have translated texts related to the Caspian Pipeline. We also continue to cooperate successfully with Spain, Italy and other European countries, and also work with customers from various countries around the world. We have a creative approach to  orders; sometimes we make unusual decisions, above all with a focus on the quality of the job.